D/FW Texas USA Chapter CalendarJuly 2021
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Chapter Home
 Start 3rd Quarter Chapter Challenge, PIE CHALLENGE
  New Members Meeting  - THD Founder's Room
Time 8:30 am
  HOG LOH MEETING - THD Founder's Room
Time 9:00 am
   General Membership Meeting - THD Sales Floor
Time 9:30 am
 Pick up Q3 Pie Challenge packets at chapter meeting  - Bedford
packet can be requested on line by emailing Activities...will shoot you an email back with pdf of packet.
   HOGZEE MYSTERY RUN after chapter meeting... signup 1015, leave 1030-11am - Around the area 75 miles total
MEMBER APPRECIATION EVENT. Ride from THD to 4 other locations and enjoy a meal and fellowship on us. (2 or 4 wheels) Chapter Cards REQUIRED.
Prizes awarded and Door prize tickets drawn. You can go directly to the final destination to join in the fun as well
(you just don't get a patch with year rocker).
You can print everything below.....

HOGZEE Flier and Scoresheet

 THD Bikini Contest
 4th of July, Independence Day
  THD Demo Days - Bedford
Fri- 12pm-7pm
Volunteers needed to help signup and lead rides
   THD Demo Days - Bedford
Volunteers needed to help with signup and lead rides
 Other: Reverse TOY Run - Ft Worth
Chapter Ride to Rio Grand Plaza, receive toys. KSU 11:30 Escorted ride to Cabela's. Drop off toys to kids. Activities/Games for kids bring rope or bungies to tie down toys on bike.
Meet: 10:00 am
Depart 10:30 am
RC: John Woolley
Drag: Joe Lovett
Miles: 35
Meet at QT L Don Dodson at Central ***NOTE*** 2 OR 4 WHEEL RIDE
 LOH Social- 6:30pm
 Crazy Ed's Celebration of life (Panther Creek HOG) - Allen
11am to 4PM
Meet: 9:30 am
Depart 10:00 am
RC: John Woolley
Drag: Ron Schorr
Miles: 60
 Lunch: Grubs Burger Bar - FW Alliance
Meet: 9:30 am
Depart 10:00 am
RC: Stephen Barrett
Drag: Joe Lovett
Miles: 30
Leave from THD
 12 noon Salsa Competition & Ice cream floats  - THD Bedford
 Breakfast: Upper Park Cafe - Aubrey
Meet: 7:00 am
Depart 7:30 am
RC: Rhett Davis
Drag: Jeff Ashley
Miles: 60
 Hop & Sting Off Site Bike Night
 Lunch: Hooker's Grill - Ft Worth Stockyards
Best Greasy hamburger you'll ever put in your mouth. Great fried bologna sammaches too.
Meet: 8:45 am
Depart 9:15 am
RC: John Woolley
Drag: Rhett Davis
Miles: 55
Seating is outside. they have covered double decker and un-covered tables

 Poker Tournament 10-6, Christmas in July all week - THD Bedford
 Breakfast: Upper Park Cafe - Aubrey
Meet: 7:00 am
Depart 7:30 am
RC: Rhett Davis
Drag: Joe Lovett
Miles: 60
 Dinner: Niki’s Italian Restaurant  - North Richland Hills
Meet at Texas Harley Davidson
2 or 4 wheels
Meet: 6:00 pm
Depart 6:30 pm
RC: Danny Johnston
Drag: Joe Lovett
Miles: 10
 Brunch: Whistle Hills Downtown Cafe  - Weatherford
Meet: 8:00 am
Depart 8:30 am
RC: Stephen Barrett
Drag: Jeff Ashley
Miles: 50
Meet at THD
 Other: Ride to John Harris Memorial Service - Ft Worth
Memorial service at Dickies Arena in Will Rogers complex 3pm
Meet: 1:30 pm
Depart 2:00 pm
RC: John Woolley
Drag: Ron Schorr
Miles: 18
Meet at THD..** 2 or 4 wheel
  LOH Bake Sale,Shop Event
  LOH,Bake Sale (table)
 Supercharged Saturday and Non-Sturgis Event - THD Bedford