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05/12/08 Texas State HOG Rally, New Braunfels May 1,2,3, 2008     

At Waco...putting on rain gear
Leading the way (bright.. bright...bright)  
Dennis at Horny Toad, Temple dealership
Gruene Hall
Tom giving history lesson
Inside Gruene Dance Hall
Gruene dance hall 1
Gruene dance hall 2
Group parking at Enchanted Rock State Park
Climbing (resting?) on Enchanted Rock
Group at the top of Enchanted Rock
Tom living off the land
Dave Cooling off along the River Road
Din Din at Grist Mill 1
Din Din at Grist Mill 2
Din Din at Grist Mill 3
Din Din at Grist Mill 4
Din Din at Grist Mill 5
Group in front of Grist Mill
How many riders does it take to push start a Harley?
Something in my eye
Martin Fannon
05/09/08 Texas State HOG Rally, New Braunfels May 1,2,3, 2008   

Group shot before starting from Cracker Barrel
Assume the position...Randy&Roger Scavenger Hunt point
Lunch @ Louie Mueller BBQ, Taylor
Lunch line
Rally pennant
Opening Ceremony Thursday...presenting the colors
Entertainment...."Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes"
•  Band T-shirt for sale
Hot Tomatoes
Cool horn

Friday Fun
Group arriving at the "famous" Spoetzl Brewery..home of Shiner
In front of the Spoetzl Brewery

Riding the "Devils Backbone"  Tx 32
River Road Crossing
More River Road
Scavenger hunt shot...yes, the white dot is a boat
Richard and his "River Burger"

Roger & Michelle in the Straw Drop games
Different spin on straw drop
More straw drop
Roger & Michelle in the Ring Toss
Switch rider for ring toss
How many HD riders does it take to pick up a bike?
Circular slow race 3 at a time
Michelle misses the weenie
Note the tongue on that! 
I believe she found it this time
Can't believe she almost ate the whole thing
Mustang Sally  Logo
Mustang Sally sound check Fri afternoon
Chapter challenge trivia contest trophy
Our own Ken Hallmark competes in the trivia contest

Mustang Sally Concert
Getting started
Warming up the crowd
Base Guitarist
Only guy in the band
This couple could really "cut a rug"
Fiddle & Guitar shootout
Looks like some kinky suff is about to happen
High handed keyboard playing
Over the shoulder fiddle playing
Winding up the crowd
Drummer and founder of Mustang Sally

Saturday of Fun
Canyon Lake off the River Road
Allison marking Randy with the "sign or the A"
On a tour of downtown Gruene
Lovebirds practicing for next month
Lunch break in Gruene

Beach Boys Contert
2 of the original  band members arrive
Part of the crowd waiting
Gathering of military service members for flag posting
Posting of the colors before the concert
Beach Boys Logo
Miller Girls throwing trinkets to the masses
Miller Girl and Koozies
BB on stage
On keyboard
From the back
Casting shadows
On the Guitar
Miller Girls posing
Singing away
On base guitar
On Drums (was with the group "Cowsills")
Cool drummer shot
Here, you take the mic
BB license tag
Nice tag you got
Miller Girls back on stage
Fun on stage
Fun in the crowd

John Woolley 








Dave Wint

John Woolley

04/25/08 6th Annual  Chapter Hillcountry, Bluebonnet and ABC Ride, Kerrville, April 18-2008   

Group shot before starting from Cracker Barrel
Picture taking at Luckenbach
Milling around in Luckenbach
Mike and Molly under the sign
Roger and Michell and  "the sign"
Resting and listening to band in Luckenbach
Interesting wallpaper
Saturday ABC Group at OST for breakfast at 0730
Inside the OST
•  Waiting for food
Waiting on food at OST
Big Table
The Frio Canyon MS Stop in Leakey
Motorcycle trailer pulled by a GoldWing
ABC group at Stonehinge late Saturday
John Woolley
04/24/08  Louisiana State HOG Rally, Baton Rouge March 27-28-29, 2008   

Waiting on Plantation Tour
A new friend in N O
Afternoon refreshments in Oak Alley
More afternoon refreshments in Oak Alley
Breakfast in N O
Crossing the Mississippi
More Crossing the Mississippi
•  Roberto's
Lunch inside Roberto's
Roger at O'brian's
Martin & Elena at Houma's House Plantation
Oak Alley Plantation
Trees have eyes
Tom & Dee @ Oak Alley
Tom & Dee @ O'brian's
Old riders under an OLDER tree
Martin Fannon
 More LA State Rally
Carla and the rain drenched Trinity river in East Texas
Unusual....Daiquiris to GO?
Group getting ready to ride
Foggy view of BR from Mississippi River Bridge
BR from the bridge
Huey P. Long bridge (190)  auto and rail
Rail part of the bridge
Old (still used) cemetery next to MS river levee
Ferry at St Francisville, N. of BR
John on the ferry
Carla on the river
On the ferry
Old Episcopal Church in St Francisville
Beautiful flowers and trees
Entrance into Afton Villa garden grounds
J&C in Afton Villa gardens
C's Butt Double
Beautiful grounds of garden
Lake and grounds
Plenty of MC parking
Rally logo
Dee arriving Thursday pm
What's on the schedule?
Resting after long trip
Thursday night entertainment
Thursday night band
Thursday night welcome from Val
Old state capital bldg downtown BR
Park next to rally site
Live after 5 concert Friday night  in front of old state capital bldg
View from convention center pedestrian bridge
View North from the bridge
View South from the bridge
Rally HQ, River Center
MS river bridge and floating museum
Carla meets Eddie Money before Friday Concert
Eddy Money concert
Eddy Money Drummer
Inside first floor Old State Capital
Glass dome in OSC
Second floor legislature meeting area of OSC
Rotunda Staircase of OSC
Riverfront view of OSC
Cops and HOGs slow race
Flying "W" on the slow race
What's SHE doing?
Just a Pokin
Bitin the weenie
Close......but no weenie
Good Bite!
A little Saturday afternoon shower
Carla meets 38 Special before concert
Saturday night closing ceremonies...presenting the colors
38 Special concert
The band plays on
The crowd goes WILD
Gettin Down
Fan goes up to get drum sticks
Excited about the drum sticks
John Woolley
03/22/08  Easter Assessment Center Ride & Lunch @ Campo Verde, March 22, 2008   

Members visiting before leaving on ride
Visiting before pre-ride briefing
More visiting before leaving
Michelle selling  new bike??  Go Ahead, sit on it...you'll like it.
Kenneth our director leading the pre-ride briefing
Lunch time!   Arriving at Campo Verde....Two GREAT looking bikes!!
Group at our tables.....Texas HD Bought our lunch...YAAAYY!
Table 1
Table 2...munching......Radonna showing us her chips
Table 3....Leonard got a bad piece of rattlesnake
Table 4...Just a smilin
Table 5... Too many Mirrors on the wall

At the Assessment center
Radonna getting in bunny suit
Big Headed Bunny
Group before going in with Easter Baskets for the kids

John Woolley

3rd Annual Chapter Game Day, Saturday, March 15, 2008


Heat 1
Heat 2
Heat 3
Heat 4
Girls at it
Girls final


Michelle crowns Roger


Kenneth setting up the bite
Mike helping set it up
Scoremaster Richard
Robert&Judi try
More Spectatin
Watching the bite
Roger& (big bite) Michelle try
Michelle with a mouth full
Bill&Ruth try
Ruth leaving the weenie behind...with mustard on her face
Jeff&Betty at it...nice tongue!
Robert&Judi try again
Bill&Ruth again...still trying for 2nd or 3rd
Tom&Dee around again...weenie in the cheek
You want mustard on that?
Mustard Mouth!!!
Bill&Ruth again...She really wants that Weenie!!
That'll knock your hat off!
and yet again...a swingin weenie
Tom&Dee again
Betty's got a lip on it
Judi may have a tongue on it.

Tom&Dee hang up clothes.
Bill on laundry duty
Roger&Michelle doing laundry
Michelle finishes up

The Pokerrrs
The Pokeeees..Ruth telling bill how to do it.
Roger making adjustments
Porkers off
A whole lot a pokin going on
Michelle in the lead and Bill's looking for it
Bill heading for finish
Dee's still a huntin and pokin
Dee Found IT!
Jeff can't find it

Dee dropping washers
Tom doing same
Mike letting go
Bill ...almost in!
Jeff letting loose
Ruth Stylin walk
Ruth dropping
Roger loading washers
Roger Aiming and bombing
Ruth cut loose

The Dressers
The Dresees
Roger Breaking Hard!
Stepping into the drawers
Pulling um up
Not sure what's going on here
Race for the bikes
Mount up
Roger wins by a thread!
Cute get up
Green drawers

Bill&Ruth droppin

Robert tries the 24' Circle
Tom makes a stab at it
Bill tries it the hard way
Dave gives it a go
Slowman Farley circles
Ruth tries the "S"
Michelle on the "S"
Ruth out of bounds

Roger in the U
Dave's got a foot down
Robert tries the U
Ruth tries it
Bill in the U
John with a foot down...It's harder than it looks!
Michelle trying the U
Bill losing it....Man, that's tight!
Randy making it through

Richard giving the rules for the Figure 8
Spectators of the figure 8

Bill&Patti Jo try the toss
Robert &Judi try
Bill&Ruth tossing
Ruth warming Bill's ears
Patti Jo tries a hat
Roger&Michelle toss it
Bill&Ruth again
Jerff&Betty ....just out of reach
Bill&Patti Jo ....Lookin good!
Ruth stretching out..Great Hands!

Participants and volunteers after games....a happy bunch!
Other end of the table...still happy

Kenneth gives out awards  Top 4 places were just points apart ..GOOD JOB ALL!
Randy....7th place winner
Dee....6th place winner
Tom...5th Place winner
Michelle...4th place winner
Roger... 3rd place winner
Ruth...2nd place winner

John Woolley
03/19/08 New Member Orientation (NMO) @ THD Service area , March 8, 2008   

Orientation Group watching video before cold short ride
John Woolley
03/19/08  HD Demo Fleet at THD and, Ride to Clarks Outpost, March 1, 2008   

Rider's meeting before Outpost ride
Lead RC Martin giving pre-ride briefing
More briefing
HD Demo Fleet area 
New Cross Bones....my personal favorite of all of the demos
Richard and Dave Helping as Demo Road Captains
Demo rules
Martin ready to leave with the group
Heading out to Clark's Outpost in Tioga
Leonard, Jackie & Leonard ready for demos
Leonard on the "Bones"
Jackie looking at the "Rocker"
Patti Jo checking it out too,  Before her Fleet RC duties
I still think this is a real cool bike.
John Woolley
02/2408 (SHOP SPONSORED)  Lunch @ Loco Coyote, Glen Rose, February 24, 2008   

Food, "small" hamburger
Food,  "regular" hamburger
Food, "regular" Chicken fried Steak Dinner    *note...two plates full*
Food, "BBQ Brisket Sandwich
Mike, "Too Big A Eat"  (quote, Rotney Allen Rippy .."real old commercial"
John Woolley
02/23/08 Southwest Regional H.O.G. Chili Cook-off @ HD of Dallas, Allen, TX February 23, 2008

Cook-off area, parking area of HD of Dallas
Mardi Gras Costume?
Sign-up Tent
Lots of bikes around
Games and Drawings
Snap!   Bill & Ruth
OK! We'll smile
Mugging for the camera
Dallas Chapter Team
West Texas Team
Another Dallas Chapter Team
North Texas Chapter
Panther Creek Chapter
Panther Creek snorting fumes
West Texas checking the brew
No sign, think it's American Eagle Team
Fire in the Hole...think it's American Eagle Team
DFW folks supporting the teams
Ruth telling Richard where to stick it...???
Winning Team    Yaaay DFW
Panther Creek Dipping it up
Suzan & Sture
Dave's Dragon's Breath LOGO
Hand Warming or High 10's??
DFW patiently waiting for judges decision
Another strange person walks by
First Place Winning Team, Dave and Richard
Second Place Winning Team, Farley and D'Arcy
Both DFW  teams together
Peoples Choice winner, Dallas Chapter 
John Woolley
02/18/08 Lunch @ Loose Wheels; Between Sherman & Dennison, February 10, 2008

Loose Wheels Sign
Air Traffic Control tower
Mike's New Ride
Small ceiling fans inside
Group at table outside
Randy Ausbern
02/11/08 NMO & Valentine's Assmt Ctr Ride-Lunch Campo Verde, February 9, 2008

Watching video during New Member Orientation
Bikes waiting on start  @ THD
Group waiting @ THD
•        At Campo Verde, Arlington
Waiting for food 1
Group patiently waiting for food
More group waiting
Food to come soon
Still smiling
We smile for food

At the Assessment Center before taking gift bags to kids
John Woolley
02/11/08 Lunch to Natty Flat Smokehouse, Lipan,  February 2, 2008

JP our leader heading up the pack at THD  
Michelle uses Roger as reverse at rest stop
Bikes at Weatherford rest stop  
Back roads 1  
Back roads 2  
Arrival @ Natty Flat 1  
Arrival @ Natty Flat 2   
Some got food first
Chowing Down
Some had to wait in line
More waiting 
More eating Ribs
Big chair outside
The Smokehouse
Store (lots of wood furniture n stuff)
Paul ready for a shower
JP and Bill waiting to potty in the outhouse
John Woolley
01/13/08 New Member Orientation & Ride to Sammy's BBQ January 12, 2008

NMO Group  1 watching the MSF Video  
NMO Group 2 watching the MSF Video
Arriving at Sammy's   
Sammy's Parking lot  
Headed for food  
David & Bill waiting on food  
Checking out the menu   
Taking orders  
Carla, Martin & Jim Waiting on food
John Woolley
01/13/08 First General DFW HOG Membership Meeting of 2008        January 08, 2008

Rev Kenneth  
Jim cooking the books  
The girls 
The guys  
Kenneth, Joe, & Vicki  
More of the guys  
Waiting on meeting start  
Kenneth handing out plaques  
John Woolley