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01/02/08 Christmas Assessment Center Ride/Lunch Campo Verde  -December, 15, 2007

Group table 1 @ Campo Verde  
Group table 2 @ Campo Verde
Group table 3 @ Campo Verde  
Campo Verde Decorations  
More Campo Decorations  
Campo Train...runs through whole restaurant  
Group after arrival...ready to make like Santa  
John Woolley
12/31/07 Chapter Picnic River Legacy Park, Arlington  - September 16, 2007

Sherry & Cindy   
Bill and Patti Jo  
Bill and Ruth  
John and Cindy  
Tom and Dee  
Waiting in the shade  
Biker Bill  
More of Bill and Patti Jo  
Looks like a winner  
Better Luck next time  
First toss...nobody wet yet  
Send them back  
Nice save Tom  
Pavement still dry  
Sorry Dee  
Nice save Sherry  
Roger and Michelle have been practicing  
The proud Winners  
Somebody's not a happy camper  
Stick it HERE!  
You kicked the can  
Dee missed the can  
Tom gives it a try  
Cowboy technique  
Crowd Shot  
At the Signup table  
Chow Line  
More Chow Line  
After Dinner  
Crowd Shot    
Buddy and Richard  
Another Crowd Shot  
Dee and her new ride  
Dave Offutt
12/31/07 National HOG Rally, Knoxville, KY  - August, 25, 2007

At the Hotel  
Don't know where we are ...but we're having fun!  
Ken's taking a break  
Along the Cherahola Skyway  
Also Along the Cherahola Skyway  
Taking in the scenery  
Tree of shame at Deal's Gap  
Deal's Gap rest stop  
Randy and Allison 
Dave Offutt
10/31/07 Halloween Assessment Center Ride & Babe's, Roanoke - October, 27, 2007

At T-H-D  Before the ride
Jennifer says, "PEACE  N FREE LOVE..... MAN!"  
Motor clothes Ball PLayer  
Motor clothes Playmate  
Motor clothes Devilangel  
Guess who? Scarecrow & Cat in the Hat  
Saturday morning coffee club...Brian, John, & David  
Leonard takes a shot with  new camera/ I-phone  
Cool costumes  
Guten Morgen  Frau Beyer  
Good Shot!  
Mr & Mrs Clown...Dave & Radonna  
Benny's looking good....needs a mask though  
Group costume shot b4 leaving  

At Babe's Chicken  in Roanoke
"Bubba Biker ate by a spider"  
Cowboy gets the CFS  "methinks he likes it!"  
Our personal pirate for the table  
Member of Babe's KISS  
Clowning around at the table  
Someone found some  tiger capri pants  
Dave checking out  tongue...was that on the menu?  
Jim the flasher... "Hey......want to buy a watch?."  

At The Children's Assessment Center
Benny..  "this is as good as it gets.  Hey, this won't scare the kids will it?"   
Hippies camped out in the parking lot...ready for the trick-r- treat-ers  
Halloween bike  
Group shot out front  
John Woolley
10/24/07 Oklahoma State HOG Rally, Enid - October 4-6,  2007
Friday morning....trip to Kansas for ABC point  
Ghost Riders of the Chisholm Trail  
Road Block....why?  
Oklahoma was celebrating their Centennial  this year. As part of the celebration some very dedicated individuals organized a cattle drive from the Texas border on the Red River to the Kansas border, taking (as close as practical) the old Chisholm Trail. At this point they were only about 50 yards from the old trail as they traveled up US 81about 15 miles south of their final destination. They had started out around the first of September.
Lead wagon  
Wagon with TX and OK flags  
Open wagon  
Another wagon  
First of about 400 head  
Last wagon  

Back in Enid
Full size metal cutouts of cattle herd in park  
More metal herd  
Fri night Style Show  
Fri night band     Group- American Classic Ban
Portable piano  
Gettiin down  

Saturday Bike Games
Slow race1  
Slow race2  
Jousting-stab the rings  
Jousting- harder than it looks  
Jousting- take it with you 
Jousting-2 more to go  
Jousting-stick it!  
The crowd goes wild  
Tire toss  

Susanann McDaniel  ABC top points winner for 2 years running (on a Sportster. ) She was headed back home to New Mexico for dinner party that evening so she could not stay but just long enough to get her ABC point and hit the road.   
Airplane themed paint job in bike show  
Note the aircraft carved in the aluminum wheel  
Val and David (rally coordinator) chillin before the parade  
Dan and Kathy with the chapter flag  
Val honoring the vets in the crowds  
Very young biker singing the National Anthem   
Last year for this rally committee  
Leon Russell & band  
Leon Russell  
John Woolley
10/24/07 Mississippi State HOG Rally, Natchez - September 20-22, 2007
Backroads between Elkhart and Alto TX   
Our riding bud...Wolfman   
LA cotton farm   
Welcome to Mississippi and Kudzu   
Hotel, Isle of Capri..good place to stay   
Liberty road, east of Natchez   
Liberty rd lake  
Liberty rd house   
Famous Cook Mr Davis from Food Channel with Carla   
Old Country store in Lorman, MS     GREAT FRIED CHICKEN
OCS Sign   
Writeup about OCS..table placemats   
Kudzu outside of  Port Gibson   
Rodney Road west out of Port Gibson   
Winsor ruins sign along Rodney road   
Winsor ruins historical marker   
Wolfman and Carla explore ruins   
Most all that was left were columns   
John  & Carla in front of Winsor ruins   
Rally Site, Natchez CC   
Getting our ABC point   
Andrew getting his point   
Carla working registration Friday   
Carla and Curley, (rally coordinator)   
In front of the convention center   
Sat. bike games, straw drop   
Straw drop off balance   
Stunt rider venue   
Roadkill pickup game   
Slow race   
Carla and Vickie, (rally volunteer coordinator)   
Bike Show paint job   
Isle of Capri Casino paddle wheeler   
Old home facing the river   
John in front of "Rosalee" manson   
Pretty home in Natchez   
Back yard   
50's era paint job  for  bike show   
Another view of it   
Yet another view   
Wolfman and namesake   
MS river bridge   
Carla and the river   
National Cemetary, Natchez   
Tree in "old" city cemetary   
Old decorated house near river   
Carla & John with Chapter flag   
Val greeting parade riders   
Curley auctions cutout...got $250.00 for it   
Val starts closing ceremony   
Denny Shirley of Confederate Railroad   
Confederate RR band   
Carla and Harley VP dancing   
Girls dancing     
Danny signing autographs   
Val snagging a CD from the Band   
Carla with Denny Shirley of CRR   
CRR T shirt logo   
John Woolley
10/23/07 Chapter Picnic, River Legacy Park, Arlington - September 16,  2007
Our new photographer taking pics  
Dee just picked up her new ride  
Game signup  

Slow Race   
3 are close  
Mike Fox  sets them off  
Ruth is getting good  
Side view of dressers  
Farley and others close  
Ken & Roger battle  
3 more go at it 
Ruth beating Cowboy  
2 farleys close  

Ball and Cone
Sherry..."cone killer"  
Bill & Patti Jo back view   
Group watching the games  
John & Cindy try the cones  
Tom & Dee try their hand  
Looks like they are watching a tennis match  
Dave & Ruth  try at the cones  
Sherry & Cindy at the cones  
Bill & Patty Jo at the cones  
Bill & Ruth close  
That's not where my foot goes!  
John & Cindy try again  
Dave & Ruth crossways  
Tom & Dee concentrate  
Bill, "awww I blew it"  
Ruth misses one  

Weenie bite
Elaine tries her "hand" at the bite  
Cindy...close but no weenie"  
Cindy...face full of mustard  
WOW!....Michelle...no comment  
Ruth misses a big-un  
The big biters...Elaine & Michelle  

Water Balloon toss 
First toss  
Third toss..some misses  
Only 3 left  
Watching the games  
Crowd gets rowdy  

Poke and Run
The "pokers" are ready  
The "pokers" are off  
The "pokers hit the "pokees"  
Finish line  
The "poker" winners...Elaine & Michelle  

Butt Darts
    Michelle shows Roger how to do it
Roger, "you're doing it all wrong"  
Stick it here. Like this  
Yessssss! You got it  

    It's all in the Technique
Type 1 "the bow leg"  
Type 2 "the knock knee squat"  
Left handed  
Right handed  
Right  again  
Is it a scratch?  
Ruth letting go  

After the games
Chapter  group photo  
After eating  
Letting the food settle  
Our Assist Dir and moneyman at the table  
Dir Ken & Assist Dir Jerry  
Jerry giving prize to Sherry & Cindy  
Prizes to Mike and Elaine  
Prize to Roger and Michelle  
Prizes to Bill and Ruth  
More awards  
Ken and RaDonna  
The crowd goes wild  
Cash flow award winner  
Winding down  
Still winding down  
John Woolley
10/22/07 Lunch Ride to Doc's in  Muenster - October 7,  2007
Bikes in a row  
Outside Doc's  
Group inside1  
Group inside2  
MMM...Cowboy want food!  
Which way now?  
Molly D'Arcy
10/22/07 Big Bend National Park Tour  - September 27-30, 2007
Mountains in the park  
Trail marker to "the window"  
Peak in the park  
Dirt road to the restaurant  
View from top of a hill  
Mike D waiting on lunch  
Group waiting on lunch  
DeBeca rockin in fort smith  
Farleys resting in fort smith  
Attack of the Javelina in fort smith  "can you squeal like a HOG?"
Group in fort smith  
Molly D'Arcy
10/21/07 Big Bend National Park Tour  - September 27-30, 2007
Parking lot  
Stopped on the trail
Another trail
Made in the shade 
Someone yelled "Go Take  A HIKE!"
Richard - Nancy - Sherry in the shade
At the Y...which way to go? 
Michelle - Roger taking on water
Molly D'Arcy
More Big Bend
Sunrise in Alpine  
Rio Grande  
River Road  
View from the Chisos Basin  
La Kiva and bike 
Ft Davis (wide shot)  
Ft Davis Barracks  
Road to observatory  
Mountain profile of ?  
Sunset in Alpine  
Randy Ausburn
More Big Bend
Sunrise in Alpine  
River road  
Elena looking at Rio Grande  
Group on the river road  
Tom & Dee in Chisos Basin  
Hike to the "Window"  
Traversing  the "Window"  
Group at the "Window"  
Ladies (and David) resting at the "Window"  
Group at Ft Davis  
Elena & Dee resting on the front porch  
Exploring Ft Davis  
Ft Davis hospital  
Group at the McDonald Observatory  
Group arriving at the Marfa Lights Observation. point  
Group at the Marfa Lights observation point  
Martin Fannon
10/21/07 DFW Chapter Picnic, River Legacy Park, Arlington  - September 16, 2007
What game is next?  
Slow Race1  
Slow race 2  
Slow race 3  
Congratulations Ruth  
Butt Darts1  
Butt Darts2  
Butt Darts3  
Butt Darts4  
Butt Darts5  
Butt Darts6  
Butt Darts7  
Butt Darts8  
Butt Darts9  
Watching next game  
David Wint
10/21/07 Palo Pinto Cafe, Palo Pinto  - September 1, 2007
Group in front of restaurant  
Molly D'Arcy


Tater Junction Ride, Aurora - August 25, 2007
Ready to roll   
Sture, Leader of the pack   
Patiently waiting  
I want food NOW!..."HONGRY"   
Where's the food   
Martha Wallace
10/18/07 Club HOG Down Home Natl HOG Rally, Knoxville KY - August 23-25, 2007
Bubba Blackwell   
Bubba Blackwell on a Vrod  
Bubba drifting  
Bubba jump  
Bubba on a uc  
Dam on the Skyway  
Deal's Gap Lodge  
Event Entrance  
On the DUSTY trail (where'd that paved road go?)  
On the Dragon tail 1  
On the Dragon tail 2  
On the Dragon tail 3  
On the Dragon tail 4  
On the Dragon tail 5  
Photo of  Randy and biker chick (a date???)  
Seattle Cossacks 1  
Seattle Cossacks 2  
Seattle Cossacks 3  
Seattle Cossacks 4  
Rally Entertainment area  
Deals Gap tree of shame  
View from the Scenic Skyway  
Words don't describe this bike!!  
Randy Ausburn
10/18/07 Natl HOG Rally, Knoxville, TN  - August 23-25, 2007
Getting into the hills of TN  
Dreaded Kudzu on everything  
Finally....hotel in Knoxville  
Thurs..Trip to Cumberland Gap VA/KY area  
They need lots of water up this way  
Virginia ABC sign.....YAAAAAAY!  
CG Overlook view of Cumberland Gap 
CG Overlook.. looking West into Kentucky  
CG Overlook... looking South back to TN  
Scene on overlook pathway  
In CG, the VJMC Rally going on (Vintage Japanese MC)  
CG city hall artwork  
Tunnel thru the CG to Kentucky  
Heading into the tunnel  
In the tunnel  
Traffic jam in the boonies...waiting on blasting  
Traffic jam ...big shovel on side of mtn in background  
More LOW lake level in the area East of Knoxville  
Little country church  
I remember these everywhere growing up...do you?  
Dealer in Maryville...start point for riding "The Dragon"  
Fri...line up for the Devil's Triangle ride from Knoxville HD   
Crossing Norris Dam built by TVA in 1936  
John & Carla in the Kudzu on the Norris dam overlook   
J&C at Norris Dam on Devil's Triangle  ride  
Norris Dam  
Lake Norris from overlook  
Our roadcaptain  on the Devil's Triangle ride  
Interesting business along the route  
Pulling into rally site  
Rally parking area  
Photo with a  "real" biker  
Inflatable date...(actually official ABC sign for rally)  
Stunt rider on Sportster  
Another stunt rider on a sporty  
Stunt rider   
Indianapolis police stunt rider  
Indianapolis police stunt....(5 in a circle)  
Montgomery Gentry bus back stage  
Val....very busy as usual  
Another one of 5 or 7 Montgomery G's buses  
Carla with Sid and Mary Ann Smith (ex DFW chapter members now in MO.  
J & C with chapter flag ...ready for "parade of flags"  
Lining up for the parade of flags  
Line of flags  
Barb and Doug from Arkansas (08 rally committee members)  
I'll bet this "man's man" is the "long distance" award winner  
Another stunt team  
Arrival of the Seattle Cossacks mc drill team  
More arriving Seattle Cossacks  
Heading back home via South Carolina.....more ABC points!!!  
Darn!!.....rain in them thar hills  
Big TREAT!!!.....going thru Atlanta on Sunday morning  
John & Carla Woolley
8/21/07 New Member Orientation - Texas H-D - August 11, 2007
Watching the video  
John Woolley
8/21/07 Los Vaqueros - Willow Park - August 11, 2007
Group in front of restaurant  
John Woolley
8/21/07 Snooty Pig - Near Alliance Airport - July 29, 2007
Buffet line 1  
Buffet line 2  
Molly D'Arcy
8/13/07 Ole South Pancake House - Fort Worth - August 5, 2007
Group headed to Old South Pancake House  
Group by Texas Motor Speedway  
At Old South1  
At Old South2  
Sherry trying to read the menu across the table  
John Woolley
8/13/07 El Jardin - Meridian - August 4, 2007
Headed to meridian  
Rest stop in Venus1  
Rest stop in Venus2  
In the hills close to Meridian  
At El Jardin, Meridian1  
At El Jardin, Meridian2  
At El Jardin, Meridian3  
At El Jardin, Meridian4  
Michelle on her 1st chapter ride on her NEW RIDE  
John Woolley
8/2/07 New York Hill - Thurber - July 22, 2007
On the way home, the group stopped for gas and filled up with really bad gas. The bikes would not run until they drained the tanks and refilled with good gas.
"Bad Gas Bill's" first ride as a Road Captain.  
Bikes with bad gas  
Draining the gas tanks  
Still draining the tanks 
Helpful couple's Harley car   
Molly D'Arcy
The destination: New York Hill restaurant  
Taking a quick break  
Bikes at the restaurant  
Group at lunch  
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy... we've got bad gas!  
Richard, keep your distance with that cigar!  
Sick bikes  
Siphoning gas  
What a mess  
8/2/07 Mary's Brazos Cafe - Tin Top - July 21, 2007
Bikes in the sun  
Resting in the shade  
Unplanned break from the front  
Unplanned break from the rear  
8/2/07 Texas Trails - Hico - July 14, 2007
Group under the sign  
Left side of table  
Right side of table  
Dan Vincent
8/2/07 Mary's Restaurant - Strawn - July 7, 2007
Rest Stop #1  
Rest Stop #2  
Rest Stop #3  
Rest Stop #4  
Rest Stop #5  
Rest Stop #6  
Sam McMahan
8/1/07 ABC3 ride to Abilene - June 23, 2007
ABC group waiting on lunch at Perini Ranch Steak House  
Lunch leftovers from Perini Ranch Steak House, Buffalo Gap, Tx  
Y point at memorial wall in Graham  
Point at a hospital in Throckmorton  
Waiting for point in wind farm south of Merkel, Tx  
John Woolley
7/31/07 Arkansas State HOG Rally  - Hot Springs -  June 6-9, 2007
Cool art on wall of HS CC  
Thursday night, Arkansas governor and new vest  
Some current and ex-dfw members  
Miss Arkansas  
Thurs nite rockin Doopsie and Zydago Twisters  
More rockin Doopsie  
Wild accordion design  
Shake it girls  
Dancing the night away  
Doopsie autograph shirt  
Greg, Collette, Carla waiting for parade start  
Ready for Parade  
John & Carla with DFW flag  
Fri Backstage with Eddie Money  
Note the Boot design  
eddie money play sax  
Eddie money's daughter/singer  
Father daughter singing  
EM fans  
EM sign autographs  
Sat games.catch water balloon  
Almost got the balloon  
Technical problem.T shirts frozen together  
Breaking up the frozen shirts  
The goal is to thaw the shirts using the bike  
The frozen T shirt winner  
Sat nite sid maryann and val  
Sat Closing ceremony LARGE USA flag  
Big flag  
Peter Frampton  
PF fans  
More PF  
Even more peter Frampton  
PF and band end  
Ark Rally committee back stage  
John and peter Frampton  
Eiffel Tower...(Paris).tx  
HS Symphony Conductor directing HD orchestra  
Conducting motorcycles  
Orchestra instruments (100 Harleys)  
John on west mountain  
Carla on west mtn. HS convention center in bg  
Road up to east mountain (tower road)  
Tower on east mountain  
Carla's birthday bouquet at hotel  
New "jones" HD dealership location  
Ex DFW members maryann and sid (now in Missouri)  
John Woolley
7/22/07 Texas State HOG Rally  - Amarillo -  May 17-19, 2007
Show me your what??? (bling)  
We be chillin  
Vince Vance statue  
Vince Vance keeps joint jumpin  
Vv dancers1  
Vv sax player.very good  
Vv near the water  
Vv dancers again  
Vv dancer nice tat  
Vv shakin it  
Vv dancing  
Vv king tut  
Vv dancers again 2  
Vv USA number  
Valerie in vv hat  
Rick Margaret and Carla  
Lighted bike show  
The 2 dubyas 2xW  
Your state rally committee  
Sawyer brown back stage  
Sawyer brown  
James castle in the throng of fans  
Sawyer brown fans  
Hotel welcomes DFW 
Line up for Palo duro canyon breakfast  
Radana wint in her camo. Can you see her?  
Parking in the canyon  
Suz and john in the canyon  
Parking lot in Palo duro canyon  
Dan & Kathy chowing down  
DFW group at breakfast in canyon  
Visiting in the canyon  
John Woolley
7/22/07 ABCs Ride #2 - West to Texas State HOG Rally  - May 17, 2007
Rest stop RR HD Wichita falls  
New dealership in Wichita falls Red River HD  
Police checking Gary out in front of EPD  
Carla getting her rally point  
Cold wet morning getting NM point  
Other group getting NM point  
John Woolley

Hill Country Ride  - April 20-22, 2007
View of group in rear view mirror  
Bluebonnet field on willow city loop  
Water crossing on willow city loop  
Group following on willow city loop  
Cool gate on willow city loop  
Gate art on willow city loop  
Artwork in Bandera  
Group following on one awesome FM road  
Lunch at Texas True Grits 1  
Group lunch at Texas true grits  
Another table at Texas True Grits  
More tables at lunch  
RCIT Farley ready to wait on the group  
Queenie Cindy birthday girl at lunch  
Cindy gets a cake  
More cake  

John Woolley
6/24/07 Pelican's Landing in Cedar Mills Marina, Gordonville - June 24, 2007
The restaurant  
Group arriving  
The Ship's Store  
Entrance, porch, patio and sailboats  
Group at the table  
Group at the other end of the table  
Jerry Presley
6/16/07 Jackson's on Possum Kingdom Lake - June 10, 2007
Break in Springtown  
Road Captains Sture and Richard  
Jackson's Parking Lot  
Group at the table  
Randy Ausbern
5/31/07 Texas State HOG Rally, Amarillo - May 17-19, 2007
Breakfast in the Palo Duro Canyon  
A canyon rock formation  
My bike and some canyon flowers  
Me at Cadillac Ranch  
Mike Raines
5/23/07 Texas State HOG Rally, Amarillo - May 17-19, 2007
A stop on the ABCs of Touring ride to Amarillo  
Saturday morning breakfast in Palo Duro canyon  
HOG parking  
HOGs on the wall  
Two local HOGs  
HOG Parking Lot  
HOG lower parking lot  
Chapter flag staging for the parade  
Dave Wint
5/21/07 Clark's Outpost BBQ, Tioga - May 20, 2007
Group on arrival  
Sign on Highway 377  
Road Captain Sture and Derek  
At the table waiting for pie  
Chocolate Pie (half eaten before I could get the picture.) 
Jerry Presley
5/13/07 Green Frog, Jacksboro  - March 12, 2007
Parking Lot 1   
Parking Lot 2   
Parking Lot 3   
Molly D'Arcy
5/13/07 Prairie House, Cross Roads - April 28, 2007
Prairie House 0   
Prairie House 1   
Prairie House 2   
Prairie House 3   
Molly D'Arcy
5/13/07 5th Annual Hill Country Ride, Kerrville and Beyond - April 20, 2007
Hill Country 1   
Hill Country 2   
Hill Country 3   
Hill Country 4   
Hill Country 5   
Hill Country 6   
Hill Country 7   
Hill Country 8   
Hill Country 9   
Hill Country 10   
Hill Country 11   
Hill Country 12   
Hill Country 14   
Hill Country 15   
Hill Country 16   
Hill Country 17   
Birthday Girl   
DeBeca the Black Nosed Reindeer   
Stick fixes his bike   
Stonehenge Easter Island   
Stonehenge 1   
Stonehenge 2   
Molly D'Arcy
4/25/07 Easter Assessment Center Ride - April 7, 2007
with lunch at Babe's in Roanoke
Group at the Assessment Center  
Ken and the Easter Bunnies   
John Woolley
4/15/07 Coloring the eggs  
Some of the 8 dozen eggs  
Babe's 1  
Babe's 2  
Babe's 3  
Babe's 4  
Babe's 5  
Babe's 6  
The Bunnies  
Dave Wint
4/15/07 Ms. Marcella's 90th Birthday - April 1, 2007
She wasn't feeling well enough to make it to Tater Junction for her ride, so a few of us went to visit at her house after we finished eating.
Pic 1  
Pic 2  
Pic 3  
Pic 4  
Pic 5  
Pic 6  
Pic 7  
Pic 8  
Jerry Presley
4/7/07 Louisianna State HOG Rally, Houma, LA - March 29-31, 2007
Woolley packing   
Mike's new rain hat   
John and Carla with the DFW Chapter flag   
John and new wife      (John supplied the caption, not me. JP)  
John and his mascot   
Ball and Cone   
Roadkill pickup   
Slow Race   
Watching the Shriner's demonstration   
New Orleans style party   
One-handed in a circle   
Police side-saddle   
A Road less traveled   
Saturday ride to Cocodrie   
Valerie at the Welcome Party   
John and Carla partying   
Traffic on 294   
Stop and smell the roses?   
John Woolley
4/5/07 Louisianna State HOG Rally, Houma, LA - March 29-31, 2007
Bull of the woods   
Feeding the natives   
Martin's new friend   
Preparing for our swamp tour   
Rest stop out on marsh lands   
Riding demo by the Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department   
Martin Fannon
3/30/07 Yesterday's, Bridgeport - March 24, 2007
Rest Stop   
Tractors and Harleys   
Group at table 1   
Group at table 2   
Good ride + Good Food = Happy Folks   
Molly D'Arcy
3/26/07 The Shed, Edom with trip to the State Fish Hatchery - March 17, 2007
At The Shed   
At the Fish Hatchery  
Molly D'Arcy
3/26/07 Smokehouse, Lindsay - March 4, 2007
Ready to depart on a very cold day  
Rest stop in Ponder   
Arrival at the Smokehouse   
Inside with food and heat   
Sture Lindgren
3/26/07 Terry's BBQ, Godley - March 3, 2007
Group at table 1   
Group at table 2   
Group at table 3   
Dave Wint
3/26/07 Chapter Game Day, Texas H-D  - March 10, 2007
Weenie Bite 1   
Weenie Bite 2   
Weenie Bite 3   
Weenie Bite 4   
Weenie Bite 5   
Weenie Bite 6   
Weenie Bite 7   
Poke-N-Run 1   
Poke-N-Run 2   
Poke-N-Run 3   
Poke-N-Run 4   
Poke-N-Run 5   
Poke-N-Run 6   
Dave Wint
3/25/07 Chapter Game Day, Texas H-D  - March 10, 2007
2nd Place, Bill   
3rd Place, Cindy   
4th Place, Dee   
5th Place, Tom   
Butt What?   
Dan and Kathy, Ball and Cone   
Dave and Radonna hanging clothes   
Dave and Radonna tossing rings   
Making the Circle   
Mike starting the Ladies Slow Race   
Sherry and Cindy dropping straws   
Sherry in an S Curve   
Sherry the winner   
Some help please   
Sture making the circle   
The Farleys in the Weenie bite   
The Group   
The Ladies getting ready for the Poke N Run   
Tom and Dee in the Wheel Toss   
U-Turn on a new Road King   
What are you doing?   
What do you say?   
Martin Fannon
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P051   P052   P053   P054   P055   P056   P057   P058   P059   P060   
P061   P062   P063   P064   P065   P066   P067   P068   P069   P070   
P071   P072   P073   P074   P075   P076   P077   P078   P079   P080   
P081   P082   P083   P084   P085   P086   P087   P088   P089   P090   
P091   P092   P093   P094   P095   P096   P097   P098   P099   P100   
P101   P102   P103   P104   P105   P106   P107   P108   P109   P110   
P111   P112   P113   P114      
John Woolley
3/24/07 Chapter Meeting, Texas H-D  - March 6, 2007
LOH Meeting   
Sherry, Steve, John and Richard   
Martin Fannon
P01   P02   P03    John Woolley
3/23/07 7th Annual Southwest Regional Chili Cook-Off, Hosted by DFW HOG - February 24, 2007
Bunch of pictures submitted by Woolley
P00   P01   P02   P03   P04   P05   P06   P07   P08   P09   
P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   
P20   P21   P22   P23   P24   P25   P26   P27   P28   P29   
P30   P31   P32   P33   P34   P35   
John Woolley
Link to Photo Album by Scott Wallack (112 pictures) Scott Wallack, American Eagle HOG
3/23/07 Annual Sweetheart Run, New York Hill, Thurber - February 18, 2007
Bill and Patti Jo  
John Woolley
3/23/07 Chapter Chili Cook-Off at Texas H-D - January 23, 2007
Bunch of pictures submitted by Woolley
P01   P02   P03   P04   P05   P06   P07   P08   P09   P10   
P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20   
P21   P22   P23   P24   P25   P26   P27   P28   P29   P30   
P31   P32  
John Woolley
2/28/07 7th Annual Southwest Regional Chili Cook-Off, Hosted by DFW HOG - February 24, 2007
LOH Bake Sale 
Dave Cooking 
Leonard and John 
Sample Kit Sales Team 
Site between Texas H-D and Ker's Wing House (Mid morning)
Site between Texas H-D and Ker's Wing House (Chili serving time)
Valerie and Elaine starting the Awards ceremony 
Ken wins the 50-50 as the dust storm moves in
Jerry Presley
2/16/07 Palo Pinto Cafe, Palo Pinto - February 11, 2007
The Cafe across the street from the court house.   
The Court House  
Jerry Presley
2/16/07 Valentine's Assessment Center Ride - February 10, 2007
Preparing the gifts 1  
Preparing the gifts 2  
Lunch at Sammy's 1  
Lunch at Sammy's 2  
Lunch at Sammy's 3  
Lunch at Sammy's 4  
Group at the Assessment Center  
Martin Fannon
2/04/07 Catfish O'Harlie's, Decatur - February 4, 2007
Arrival  6 rider and 5 bikes left Texas H-D in mid 30's temperature.   
Warming up inside  
Sture Lindgren
2/03/07 Chapter Chili Cook-Off at Texas H-D - January 23, 2007
1st Place Award   
1st Place Cooking   
2nd Place Award   
3rd Place Award   
3rd Place Cooking   
Bill and Mike   
Bill - 3rd Place   
Chapter Secretary   
Chili Tasting   
Dragon's Breath   
Dragon's Breath - 1st Place   
Elaine, Event Organizer - Thanks Elaine!  
Hawg's Breath   
Hawg's Breath - 2nd Place   
John and Steve   
LOH Bake Sale   
The Outcasts   
The Trophys   
Patti Jo Newsom and Martin Fannon
1/12/07 Sanderson's BBQ, Mineral Wells - January 6, 2007
Picture 1 Pre-ride
Picture 2 Pre-ride
Picture 3 Rest stop
Picture 4 Rest stop
Picture 5 BBQ on the table
Gene Kasson
1/12/06 Chapter Meeting, Texas H-D  - January 2, 2007
Picture 1 Paying membership dues
Picture 2 Dan and Kathy
Picture 3 
Picture 4 Ken
Picture 5 
Picture 6 LOH meeting
Picture 7 
Picture 8 
Martin Fannon