2005 Album

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1/13/06 Big Tex Toy Run - Fort Worth to Arlington Convention Center - December 18
Waiting to depart Fort Worth   
Just one of the parking lots west of the Arlington Convention Center   
Some of the toys   
No caption required but where does he put all the toys?  
Suzan & Steve   
Rudolph the red nose Harley   
Lots of bikes (Looking north on Main Street toward the Fort Worth Tree)
More bikes as far as you can see (Looking south)  
Arrival at the Arlington Convention Center   
M. B. and Wendy Ingersoll, John Woolley
12/20/05 Christmas Assessment Center RIde - December 17
Group at the Center   
John Woolley
12/19/05 Ellis County Toy Run - December 11
Fearless Leader   
Strange homemade bike   
DFW Group   
Sokol Hall   
Panorama of Sokol Hall parking lot   
John Woolley
12/19/05 Sammie's BBQ, Fort Worth - December 10
Group in front of Sammie's   
John Woolley
12/19/05 Lewisville Toy Run - December 3
Waiting to leave   
Suzan conducting the pre-ride meeting   
Waiting for everyone to register in lewisville   
Humpty Dumptys on the wall   
Bikes ready for parade #1   
Bikes ready for parade #2   
John Woolley
11/15/05 Fort Worth H-D Poker Run - November 12
Fort Worth Harley-Davidson - First stop on the Poker Run   
Drawing cards at Texas Harley-Davidson #1   
Drawing cards at Texas Harley-Davidson #2   
Drawing cards at Texas Harley-Davidson #3   
Waiting for the announcement of the winners   
DFW chapter and Meals on Wheels poker run volunteers   
Awards ceremony   
John Woolley
11/15/05 New Member Orientation - November 12
New Members   
John Woolley
11/8/05 Babe's Fried Chicken - Sanger - October 30
Heading for the chicken shack   
Group and chicken   
Waiting for tables   
Suzan and Dan up to a little horse play   
John's new birthday helmet...  "Thanks Suzan, I'll get even some day"   
John Woolley
10/30/05 Halloween Assessment Center RIde - October 29
Lunch at Mercado Juarez before visiting the Center   
Chips, chips, chips... Where's the food?   
Magician and Face Painter..hippies   
Group at the Assessment Center   
Suzan and Mike at Mercado Juarez   
Happy Halloween!   
John Woolley
10/28/05 Boo Run, Jefferson, Texas - October 22
DFW Harley Girls   
Dinner Group   
"Now if I was President... the country wouldn't have any problems"   
On the court house steps   
Relaxing on a Jefferson street   
Martin Fannon
10/28/05 Annual Chapter Picnic, River Legacy Park - September 25
Bikes staged for ride to the park   
Mr. Dan, the Weenie Bite Man... In action   
Mr. Dan, the Weenie Bite Man... Job satisfaction   
Slow Race: Laying down the Slow Race rules   
Slow Race: Close finish   
Slow Race: Intense concentration   
Ball & Cone: Ain't supposed to knock down the cones   
Ball & Cone: Oops, this isn't working too good  
Ball & Cone: Done right   
Game sidelines, officials and spectators  
Poke-n-Run: Ready on the receiving end   
Poke-n-Run: And they're off with Dan in the lead   
Poke-n-Run: The Poke part   
Poke-n-Run: The Poke part again   
Time for the BBQ   
Waiting for the awards and prizes to start   
Game winners #1   
Game winners #2   
John Woolley, Elaine Clark, Jim Lieber
10/27/05 Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally, Hot Springs - September 15-17
Group gathered for lunch   
Suzan and Dave at the hotel   
Lunch Bunch   
View of Hot Springs   
Hanging at the hotel   
Lunch line at Jones H-D   
View of Hot Springs from west mountain   
Headed to the concert after the parade   
"Poke it to me" game   
"Weenie Bite" game   
Cool V-Rod at the Bike Show   
At the Saturday Concert   
John Woolley
10/25/05 National H.O.G. Rally #22, Chattanooga, Tennessee - August 26-28
Thunder Creek H-D party   
Friday am on route to North Carolina   
View along route   
Kudzu grows wild   
Juggler at Rally site   
Official ABC's of Touring sign... No bike allowed!   
H.O.G. Balloon   
Indianapolis police drill team   
Carla putting chapter name on wall   
Bike parking   
Chapter flag for the parade   
Parade lineup   
Seattle Cossacks Drill Team #1,  Web Site
Seattle Cossacks Drill Team #2   
Seattle Cossacks Drill Team #3   
Sand sculpture   
Rally site on plaza in front of Chattanooga Aquarium      
John Woolley
7/21/05 New Member Orientation and Riscky's in The Stockyards, Fort Worth - July 9
New Member Orientation - one side   
New Member Orientation - the other side   
Engines running... ready to go   
Arrival at The Stockyards   
Cattle Drive   
Parking next to The Maze   
Group on the outdoor entertainment stage   
John Woolley
6/1/05 Wild Onion, Reno - June 12
Group in front of sign   
John Woolley
6/1/05 New Member Orientation and Johnny B's Burgers, Southlake - June 11
New Member Orientation   
Group at Johnny B's   
Johnny B's inside   
John Woolley
6/1/05 ABC's of Touring #3 - West to Zephyr - May 21
Group during lunch stop in Early, Texas   
John Woolley
5/23/05 Loco Coyote Grill, Glen Rose - May 22
Loco Coyote Grill   
Bikes in the shade on a record setting hot day   
Deluxe facilities   
Cowboy and his daughter Rene   
Good cigar after a great meal   
Good company   
Hanging out before the ride home   
Samuel McMahan
5/22/05 Texas State H.O.G. Rally, Corpus Christi - May 12 - 15
HOGs on the beach   
Buddy, Jo and Elena at the original Whataburger   
DFW Pride on the Lexington   
HOGs On the ferry   
John and Cindy offloading the Lexington   
HOGs On the Lexington   
HOGs at the Padre Island National Seashore   
HOGs at Snoopy's   
Martin Fannon
5/22/05 Rest Stop photos from Lantana Lodge ride - May 5
Photo 1   
Photo 2   
Photo 3   
Photo 4   
Samuel McMahan
5/15/05 ABC's of Touring #2 - East to Louisiana border - April 30
Group at Gilmer   
John taking pictures at the LA border.   
John Woolley, David Powell
5/15/05 3rd Annual Hill Country Bluebonnet Ride, Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country  - April 15-17
Rest stop    
By the river    
Hungry for some seafood (or maybe riverfood?)    
Up a hill    
Down a hill    
About time somebody straightened this thing up      
Teresa Hebert
4/21/05 3rd Annual Hill Country Bluebonnet Ride, Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country  - April 15-17
Meet at the Cracker Barrel    
Waco gas stop    
Rest stop on Highway 336    
Sneaking ABC points    
Arrival at Luchenbach    
Luchenbach Post Office    
Tom and Hondo    
Saturday groups split up, John's group Medina Apple    
Lone Star Motorcycle Museum (Just south of Los Maples State Nature area)    
The Motorcycle Stop    
Martin Fannon and John Woolley
4/12/05 Louisianna State H.O.G. Rally, Lafayette  - March 31-April 2
Dwight, Sherry and Mike and Tabasco    
Group at Tabasco    
Staging for the parade    
Pepper Fish    
Ready to ride    
Martin Fannon
3/31/05 Easter Assessment Center visit  - March 26
Waiting on the road captains to arrive   
Listening to Vicki's pre-ride briefing   
Eating at Mercado Juarez   
Group at the Assessment Center   
John Woolley
3/31/05 ABC's of Touring #1 - Northwest  - March 19
Waiting to leave at 7:00 am   
Community clean up helpers at Valley View   
John Woolley
3/7/05 Catfish O'Harlies, Decatur  - March 5
Waiting to ride   
Ken and Jerry   
Waiting to ride   
Group in front of restaurant   
John Woolley
2/13/05 Valentine's Assessment Center Ride  - February 12
Group at Up-N-Smoke in Keller   
Group at the Assessment Center   
John Woolley
2/13/05 New Member Orientation  - February 12
Group taking in safety info   
Group watching safety video   
John Woolley
2/13/05 Rockin K Cafe, Cleburne (South on 171) - February 5
Bikes outside the Rockin K   
Elena calling the group to order (food, that is)   
John Woolley
2/12/05 4th Annual DFW Chapter Chili Cook-Off - January 29
Invitation Sign   
Team "Three Fingers" - Neil and Dwight   
Team "Hawg's Breath" - John, Suzan and Rick   
Team "Balls of Fire" - Fred and Randy   
Team "Redeye's Bowl o' Red" - Galia and John   
Team "Team A" - Betty and David   
Team "Terlingua Boys" - Dusty and Chuck   
LOH Bake Sale   
Tickets for sample kits   
Pot of chili cooking   
Darn... How did my camera get in there?   
The somewhat less renowned "Hair Tree and Hat Rack" duo   
Harley Dog   
The well renowned "Old Guys" duo   
Suzan (maybe with a touch of attitude)   
Waiting for some chili   
Oh boy, Samples!   
More samples   
And more samples   
Getting some LOH Bake Sale goodies   
Preparing for the awards   
The trophies   
1st place winner - "Redeye's Bowl o' Red"   
2nd place winner - "Terlingua Boys"   
3rd place winner - "Team A"   
John Woolley
1/9/05 Wild Onion Restaurant, Knob Hill - January 8
Group Inside   
John Woolley