2004 Album

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12/18/04 Ellis County Toy Run - December 12
Meeting at Midlothian   
Pre-ride briefing   
Chuck and Dusty   
DFW HOG Group   
John Woolley
12/18/04 Christmas Assessment Center Ride with lunch at Risky Rita's - December 11
Risky Rita's parking   
Group at Risky Rita's   
Inside and ready for lunch   
Group at the Assessment Center   
John Woolley
11/3/04 Woody's BBQ, Dublin - October 30
Table 1   
Table 2   
Table 3   
Bikes 1   
Bikes 2   
Samuel McMahan, John Woolley
11/3/04 Center Restaurant, Muenster - October 24
Table 1   
Table 2   
John Woolley
11/3/04 Assessment Center Halloween Ride - October 23
Vicki and Jo   
John Woolley
10/2/04 Oklahoma State H.O.G. Rally, Lawton - October 1-3
Martin with his new riding buddy   
DFW group at the Wildlife Visitors Center   
On top of Mt. Scott   
Mt. Scott view to the Southwest   
Rally site Registration building   
Flinging a ring at the bike games   
DFW in the Ring Toss   
Picking up the rings, "Crazy Ed" of Panther Creek Chapter   
DFW at the bike games   
A Ringer!   
DFW in the Weenie Bite   
John Woolley
10/2/04 Chapter Picnic at River Legacy Park, Arlington - September 13
Chow Line: Early birds, Not so early birds

Kids: With Clown, Playing, Prizes   

Game Setup/Signup: Setup, Signup #1, Signup #2, Signup #3, Waiting to begin, Waiting some more, Tom G signup

Cow Chip Toss: Barry hold on, Barry in control, Barry toss'in, Barry & Marcia, Benny & Joyce, Marcia with passenger Barry, Mike & Sandy, Mike & Sandy again, Shaw & Mel, Steve & Carol, Suzan & Elaine, Suzan & Elaine again, Suzan & Elaine #3

Slow Race:
Barry & Steve, Easy does it, Kirby 1st & Bill 2nd, Finals, Ken & Kirby, Kirby & Shaw, Marcia & Steve, Fun to watch, Slow off the line, Darn, can't this thing go any slower!, Shaw & Suzan, and Kirby is the winner

Poke and Run:
Bob & Joe practice, Dee & Tom, Got it poked, Mike in form, Pokees, Pokers, Steve with Poker kinda drooping, Waiting for pokers, Watching the poking, Winners: Mike & Sandy, Pokin Fun

Weenie Bite: Barry & Mustard Face, Bob & Suzan, Jim & Phyllis, Jim & Phyllis winning 1st Place, Mike & Sandy, Mike & Sandy winning 2nd Place, Shaw & Mel, Steve & Brenda, Suzan & Elaine

Awards & Prizes: Big winner Chuck, Call my number, Membership card drawing, Don't forget your card, Waiting to win, Didn't win

John Woolley
9/22/04 Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally, Hot Springs - September 9-11
DFW HOG Group   
Thursday night: Mustang Sally   
Friday morning: Guided tour Queen W. State Park   
Friday: Mike and Sandy at Queen W. State Park   
Friday: Suzan before before parade staging   
Friday: Suzan and Wolfman before the parade   
Friday: DFW HOG parade riders   
Friday: DFW HOG parade leaders   
Friday after the parade: New concert venue   
Friday night concert: Brunhilda and Sigfried   
Minnesota Vikings "less offencive" line "Show me the Money Rdinger" and Brunhilda Medley"   
Saturday night: Travis Tritt Concert    
John Woolley
8/11/04 Stephen's Garden Grill, Mansfield - August 8
John Woolley
8/11/04 B. J. Kiefer's Hamburgers , Fort Worth - August 7
Waiting for the food   
John Woolley
7/13/04 Wild Onion , Knob Hill - July 11
Taking a break   
Making an adjustment   
Samuel McMahan
7/13/04 2005 Texas State H.O.G. Rally, Conroe - May 13-15 
American flag   
Chapter flag   
Hanging out with the cooks   
Fully loaded dresser   
Sid and girls   
Waiting for BBQ   
John Woolley
6/7/04 ABC Ride #3 to the Louisiana border - May 22 
(Pictures taken in Marshall, Texas)
Where to go for lunch?   
In the shade at the Whataburger   
Samuel  McMahan
5/23/04 2005 Texas State H.O.G. Rally, Conroe - May 13-15 
Concert Prize   
Friday night dinner   
Getting ready for the parade   
Poker Run lunch   
Rally volunteers   
Martin Fannon
5/23/04 ABC Ride #2 to the Hill Country  - April 16-18 
Group picture at the Luckenbach Post Office   
Martin Fannon
4/16/04 2004 Louisiana State H.O.G. Rally, Shreveport - April 3-5 
Adjustments on the ride to Shreveport   
Registration complete, ready to rally   
More happily registered HOGs   
Leisurely Friday lunch on the river   
Dinner at Nicky's on Friday night   
Shopping, shopping and more shopping   
Everyone makes a new friend at a rally   
The parade   
Martin Fannon
3/12/04 Southwest Regional Chili Bowl, Bedford - February 28 
Location: Don Pablo's, Hwy 183 in Bedford   
Event Patch   
Miller Sign and Schedule   
Music provided by the "Randy Willis Band"   
Beer served by the Don Pablos "Beer Girls"   
Dessert available at the LOH Bake Sale   
Cooking early before the crowd   
Then the crowd started...   
and stayed all afternoon      
Team 1 Grumpy Old Men American Eagle Dave Ebbett,
Mike Schaneman,
Don Riley
1st Place
Team 2 Dragon Butt Chili American Eagle Kelli Long,
Steve Long,
Doug Hull
People's Choice
Team 3 Rest in Peace Chili Dallas Texas Denise Hefner .
Team 4 Texas Fat Boy Chili Dallas Texas Allan Hundley .
Team 5 Hoss Nostalgia Chili Panther Creek Steve Reese,
Jessica Reese
2nd Place
Team 7 Smart Ass White Girl's Chili DFW Margaret Gilliland,
Melanie Throne,
Kim Nicholson
Team 8 Outcast Chili DFW Randy Stoermer,
Fred Stoermer
Team X He-Man Woman Haters Club Panther Creek Tim Lassater,
Ken McClure,
Crazy Ed
for "illegal
and "Judge

Event Organizer John Woolley (Thanks John for all the hours you spent making this event a success).
50-50 Winner   
Door Prize Winner 1   
Door Prize Winner 2   
Door Prize Winner 3   
People's Choice Winner - Team 2, American Eagle Chapter   
2nd Place Winner - Team 5, Panther Creek Chapter   
1st Place Winner - Team 1, American Eagle Chapter    

The American Eagle Chapter gets to keep the Traveling Trophy for the year and host the event in 2005.  

The End: Time to "roll-em-up" and head home

Scott Wallack, Jerry Presley
3/11/04 DFW HOG Chili Cook-Off, Texas H-D - January 31 
The crowd look'in for Chili   
Tasting Kit Sales Department   
LOH Bake Sale   
Team A: Fred and Randy   
Team B: Mel, Margaret and Kim   
Team C: Debra and Bill   
First Place Winner: Team B - Kim and Mel (Margaret missing)   
John Woolley, Jerry Presley
1/10/04 Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant, Fort Worth - January 4 
Group in front of Joe T's  
Group at Lake Worth rest stop  
Table 1  
Table 2  
Table 3  
Table 4  
Table 5  
John Woolley