2003 Album

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1/8/04 Big Texas Toy Run - December 21 
Benny, Vicki and Mike  
Ken Winters  
Lots of bikes  
More bikes  
Santa'a helpers  
Dusty and company  
Way Cool dog  
At Sundance Square  
A few of the toys  
Bike on a trailer on a bike  
John Woolley
1/7/04 Ellis County Toy Run - December 14
DFW Group   
John Woolley
12/27/03 H.O.G. Bears delivered to the Salvation Army, December 17
The DFW and Fort Worth Chapters completed delivery of approximately 250 H.O.G. Bears to the Salvation Army for distribution to area children for Christmas.
Bud, Kenneth and Jerry at the Salvation Army warehouse   
Mr. H.O.G. Bear   
John Woolley
12/6/03 Wedding Party Escort to Javier's Restaurant, Dallas - October 24
Group at Texas H-D  Just look at all the white shirts! 
Staging stop at Syms parking lot  
Almost ready to go  
Bride with the group  
Javier's Restaurant  
John Woolley
12/4/03 Jo hanging out with a HOG or some strange form of ABC point? Jo Beyer
11/15/03 Wild Onion, Reno/Azle - October 26
It was a pretty chilly morning   
Rest stop   
Group at the Wild Onion   
John Woolley
11/15/03 Halloween visit to the Assessment Center, - October 25
Sponge Bob Square Pants getting ready   
Sponge Bob Square Pants getting a little help   
Sponge Bob Square Pants stuck   
John Woolley
11/15/03 Oklahoma State H.O.G. Rally, Lawton - September 29
Rally site   
Buddy, Jo and Ken on the mountain   
Buddy, Jo and John on the mountain   
Buddy, Jo and Ken on the Wild Lfe Tour   
Bike Show   
John Woolley
11/14/03 Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally, Hot Springs - September 20
Group at start of the ride to the rally   
Rest Stop   
Rest Stop: Group shot   
Flat tire   
Games: Poke and Run   
Games: Weenie Bite   
Games: ???   (Anybody know the name of this game?) 
Parade: Staging of the flags   
Parade: Strange folks   
Queen W Park: View   
Queen W Park: Bikes   
ABC points during the return trip   
John Woolley
11/14/03 Chapter Picnic at River Legacy Park, Arlington - September 13
Bike Show   
Game Volunteers   
    Pokees looking for Pokers
    Wolfman playing poker
    Mike & Sandy, 2nd place    
Roller Ball:  
    Real Easy... just drop it in the tube, go to the end, and catch it.   
Slow Race:
    Shaw and Wolfman trying to think slow   
    Balance, balance, balance   
    The Winner   
Weenie Bite:
    Barry & Marcia 
    Doreen on the approach 
    Jim & Joanie on the approach 
    Success!, (Driver asleep)  
    Jim & Shaylah at the striking point!, (Same driver awake)  
    Mike & Sandy 
    Wolfman & Margaret  
John Woolley,
Randy Brown
11/14/03 Hard 8 BBQ, Stephenville - September 7
Big group   
Long time members Barry, Carol, Steve and Larry   
Mug shots for the photographer   
Randy smiling   
Marge, Mel, Sandy   
Equipment check before every ride   
Richard got a paint job... look'in good   
John Woolley
11/8/03 Oklahoma City Races - August 23
Rest Stop in Oklahoma on the way   
Arrival at HD World   
HD World Party   
Bricktown Gate   
Bricktown motorcycle parking   
Old Bike with sidecar at Bricktown   
Trip to HD Kansas City plant after the races (Good for 1 "K" State point!)
John Woolley
11/8/03 Ginger Brown's - August 2
J. O. runs into an old friend   
John Woolley
11/8/03 ABC Ride 5 - South to Waco - July 26 
"N" County point   
"F" County point   
Group at Waco H-D   
Jerry Presley
11/8/03 2003 Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally, Memphis - June 5 - 8
Beale Street crowd   
Carla in the Beale Street crowd   
Chapter Flag   
Rally site   
Poker Run was a bit rainy   
Poker Run mural stop   
Poker Run casino stop   
John Woolley
11/8/03 2003 Texas State H.O.G. Rally, Tyler - May 15-17
On the road to the rally   
Chapter Sign-in Sheet   
Rallys are good for an ABCs of Touring point   
and they always make us hungry   
Tyler Rose Garden   
Extreme riding  (not recommended for your Harley)   
John Woolley,
Randy Brown
9/13/03 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary in Milwaukee
DFW HOG Chapter flag proudly carried in the Chapter Parade of Flags by Kirby Anderson and Brenda Horral   
Kirby Anderson
7/22/03 Ride through Rocky Mountain National Park - July 14
We spent about five hours riding through the Rocky Mountain National Park on our bikes, from Winter Park to Estes Park. It was breathtaking and made us all wonder why we live in the DFW area!
Doug and Diane Potter and Mike and Robin Wantland   
Robin - Heritage Classic   
Doug - Wide Glide   
Diane - Low rider   
Robin Wantland
5/20/03 Jubilee Trail House - Willow Park - May 4
John Woolley
5/20/03 ABC Ride 3 - East to Tawakoni and beyond - May 3
Rest stop   
David Powell
5/20/03 Easter Observation Run - April 19
Scorers at stop 5   
Buddy and the Miller Girls   
Prize drawing   
Thanks to the volunteers that made it happen   
John Woolley
5/19/03 ABC Ride 2 - Texas Hill Country Overnighter - April 14-15
Leaving from the Cracker Barrel for Kerrville   
Lunch, Frio Canyon Stop   
Lunch in Leakey   
Garven Store rest stop   
Texas Stonehenge   
Group at Temple H-D     (Rick Gilliland)    
John Woolley and Rick Gilliland
4/25/03 Delivery of T-Shirts and Banner - April 24
Marines of VMGR-234 at Ft Worth NAS/JRB
The T-shirts and banner were delivered to the Marines of VMGR-234 at Ft Worth NAS/JRB. They will be distributed to the group's Marines deployed to Kuwait.
John Woolley
4/16/03 Louisiana State HOG Rally - Shreveport - March 29
DFW HOG Group    (Dusty Davis)    
Carla, Rick, Margaret and John   
Carla, Rick, Margaret and Shaw   
Bikes and Wall   
Games: Slow Race   
Games: Roadkill Scoop   
Games Area   
Vendor Area
John Woolley and Dusty Davis
3/17/03 ABC Ride 1 - Southwest to Zephyr - Bridgeport - March 15
Ready to leave    
Lunch at the Henhouse in Hamilton    
John Woolley
3/17/03 Regional Chili Cook-Off - February 22
The crowd    
DFW HOG Teams    
1st Place Winners - John Fussell and Crystal Walls    
John Woolley
3/17/03 Annual Sweetheart Run - Lake Bridgeport - February 9
Group ready to leave    
After lunch    
John Woolley
3/17/03 Assessment Center - February 8
Group Photo    
John Woolley
3/16/02 The Prison - McKinney - February 2
The Restaurant - McKinney's old Jail House    
Group shot    
A good turn out of bikes    
A nice winter day on the patio    
Ray Coker
3/16/03 Chapter Chili Cook-Off - Texas H-D - February 1
Texas H-D site    
Team "Hog Breath Chili"    
Team "Redeye's Chili"    
Winning Team - Randy, Kim and Dan
Team 6 - Margaret, John, Suzan and Rick    
Team 2    
Team 5    
Not so secret ingredient    
Secret ingredient = 1/2 Quart HD 40W motor oil    
Rick check'in his chili    
John Woolley
1/26/03 B. J. Keifer's Hamburgers - Fort Worth - January 26
Group in front on Magnolia Street    
John Woolley
1/26/03 Whistle Stop - Decatur - January 4
Talking about the great backroads route    
Parking in front of the "Petrified Wood Station"    
Big crowd + small restaurant = 2nd shift waiting to eat    
John Woolley