2002 Album

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1/25/03 Wild Onion - Reno/Azle - December 29
Pre-ride briefing  
Rest stop
John Woolley
1/25/03 The Oasis - Joe Pool Lake Marina - December 28
Arrival 1Arrival 2    
Randy Brown, John Woolley
1/25/03 Big Texas Toy Run - Fort Worth - December 15
Pics from David Powell: 01  02  03  04      
Pics from John Woolley: 01  02  03   
David Powell, John Woolley
1/12/03 Kincaid's Hamburgers - Fort Worth - December 14
Group in front of Kincaid's    
Order at the counter    
John Woolley
1/12/03 HD 100th Anniversary - October 26
Fort Worth H-D

Captain America Chopper
Don and Willie G.    
Peter Fonda and Tommy    
Peter Fonda and Carla... Thumbs up    
Peter Fonda getting Ken's autograph    
Margaret, Peter Fonda and Carla    
Texas Motor Speedway
Carla and Doobie Brother's fans in the stands
Don, Diane, Jessie and Dee    
Doobie Brothers on stage    
Marion County Drill Team    
John Woolley
12/11/02 Christmas Assessment Center Ride - December 7
Group at the shop     
Waiting before the ride     
Bikes lined up for the kids to visit     
Bags of presents for the kids  (Thanks to everyone for the donations!)
John Woolley, Jerry Presley
12/3/02 Mary's Brazos Cafe - Tin Top, Texas, November 23
South end of the dining room     
North end of the dining room     
Dan Vincent
12/3/02 14th Annual "Run to the Wall" - Fair Park, Dallas, November 9
Dan Vincent
11/27/02 Hannibal Country Store - Hannibal, Tx., November 16
Road Captain Mr. Woolley     
The restaurant... really great homemade fried pies inside     
John Wooley, Jerry Presley
11/17/02 The Anderson's rent a bike in St. Martin
At the dealer     
The bike     
Great views     
Kirby Anderson
11/10/02 Tom Hanley "Celebration of Life", Neon Moon in Ft. Worth,  October 13
Tom at Texas H-D     
Tom cutting sandwiches     
Tom's Bike     
DFW HOG meeting for ride to Neon Moon     
Neon Moon in the Fort Worth Stockyards     
Bikes at the Neon Moon     
Group at the Neon Moon     
Waiting for the doors to open     
John Woolley
10/24/02 Halloween Assessment Center Ride, October 20
Woolley... I think   
Ghoul Group   
Suzan and Vicki   
Margo and Vicki   
Not sure   
Jerry Presley
10/20/02 Oklahoma State H.O.G. Rally, October 3 - 5
Chapter Flag: Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 , Pic4         
Lake Eufaula Dam      
Lake Eufaula Lunch      
Parade Staging      
John, Andrew, Rick and Mike      
John and Carla      
Buddy and Jo      
Suzan and Carla      
Suzan, Carla, Rick and Mike      
Suzan after deciding that it is possible to overdress for the occasion      
Team Extreme 1      
Team Extreme 2      
Team Extreme 3      
John Woolley and Rick Gilliland
10/20/02 Annual Chapter Picnic, September 28 - River Legacy Park, Arlington
Group: Waving      
Group: Panorama      
Group: Panorama (small)      
Chow Line      
Kids and Clown      
Awards 1      
Awards 2      
Games: Chip Toss      
Games: Poke-n-Run 1      
Games: Poke-n-Run 2      
Games: Poke-n-Run 3      
Games: Setup     
Games: Slow Race 1     
Games: Slow Race 2     
Games: Slow Race 3     
Games: Watchers     
Games: Weenie Bite 1     
Games: Weenie Bite 2     
Games: Weenie Bite 3     
Games: Weenie Bite 4     
John Woolley
10/6/02 Ranchman's Cafe - Ponder, Texas, September 21
John Woolley
10/6/02 Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally, September 12-14
Greenville breakfast stop      
Group at Willimena State Park      
Girls on the mountain      
Dan and Billy      

Billy Bauer
Highway 1 Group      
Mt. Magazine Group      
Hot Springs Tower      
Parade lineup    
Games: Poke Me      
Games: Weenie Bite Wranglers      
Games: Weenie Bite Winner      
Games: Weenie Bite Val      
Future rider      
John Woolley
10/5/02 ABC Ride 6 - Lowake, Texas, September 7
Randy Brown
10/5/02 Joe T. Garcia's - Fort Worth, August 25
John Woolley
10/5/02 Big Brother's Big Sister's Poker Run, August 24
Signup line      
John getting shined      
John Woolley

ABC Ride #5 to Buffalo Gap, August 17
Group ready to go      
Arriving at Buffalo Gap      
Perrini Cattle Company Steak House      

Cactus Flower - Alliance Airport, August 18
Group on arrival      

John Woolley
8/4/02 HenHouse Restaurant - Hamilton, August 3
Arrival & Lead Road Captain John Woolley      
In front of the restaurant      
Getting down to business 1      
Getting down to business 2      
Jerry Presley
7/29/02 Palo Pinto Cafe - July 27
Group on arrival      

ABC Ride #4 to Waco/Rosebud, July 6
Group ready to go      
Group at the Route 77 Cafe      

John Woolley
7/27/02 The Center Restaurant - Muenster, July 21
Ponder Break 1      
Ponder Break 2      
Leader, Shaw Merrill      
Rick Gilliland
7/27/02 R.O.T.  Rally, Austin -  May 31 - June 2
6th Street  
Ken Birdsell
7/19/02 Rockett Cafe - Rockett, June 23
Rest Stop  
Group on the Go  
Riders 1  
Riders 2  
Drag JP  
John Woolley
7/19/02 Reel Thing Catfish Cafe -  Allen, June 22
Reel Thing 1  
Reel Thing 2  
Reel Thing 3  
John Woolley
7/19/02 2002 State H.O.G. Rally - Beaumont, April 25 - 27
Page 1  
Page 2  
Page 3  
Page 4  
Page 5  
Page 6  
Page 7  
John Woolley
6/22/02 ABC's of Touring Ride 3 - June 14.  Amarillo Overnighter.
Canyon Group  
Friday Break  
Saturday Break  
Texas Drama on Saturday night, Palo Duro Canyon.  
John Woolley
6/5/02 Road House Cafe - Waco, June 1
Group Shot  
Hang'in at the Bait Shop?  
Dave Powell
5/22/02 New Member Orientation and ride to The Oasis - Joe Pool Lake, May 13
Safety Officer "Don Mode" starting the orientation at Pennington Field  
Reviewing the Chapter's "Ride Guide"  
Winner of the Harley hat  
Winner of the Texas H-D gift certificate  
Chow'in down at The Oasis  
Fresh Fish  (I'm sure John had a reason for submitting this....)
John Woolley
5/21/02 2002 State H.O.G. Rally - Beaumont, April 25 - 27
Waiting for seafood  
Bikes everywhere  
Marcia, Christy and Suzan  
Billy Bauer
5/21/02 Food Show - Fort Worth Convention Center, March
 Jenny, Stephanie and Barry with his "Night Train"  
Barry Green
5/21/02 ABC's of Touring Ride 1 - April 13
Planning a great day  
Ready to go... 
and they're off ... after 5 points cancelled due to weather. 
David Wise
4/7/02 Babe's - Roanoke, March 9
Last group arrives  
Drag Don finally shows up  
Road Captains Rick and Suzan (Right side of table) 
Where's my Chicken?  
I want my chicken!  
Now that's a piece of chicken!  
John Woolley
2/20/02 Chapter Chili Cook-Off - Addison, February 17
The Site: Nate's Seafood and Steaks     
DFW HOG Group     
Chili - DFW HOG Style     
The Chefs: Rick,  JohnJohn and Suzan    
Contestants just before the awards (Too bad, we didn't win... but we should have!  It was mighty good.)    
Jerry Presley
2/20/02 Sweetheart Run - February 10
Good parking right up front     
At last, food and heat (It was a brisk day outside)    
Thanks for the pics, Christy     
Christy Bauer
2/9/02 Assessment Center - February 9   
Green means "GO"     
Woolley finally wins a gift certificate     
Group Shot     
Chris the Magician, Suzan, Julie and Vicki     
Nothing puts a smile on your face like a new bike... even J.O.'s face!     
Jerry Presley
1/30/02 Wild Onion Restaurant - Reno, January 27
Did you see that idiot in the VW bug?     
It ain't a big place, but it's good food     
Eat'in and Talk'in... What we do best!     
Thanks for the pics, Michael      
Michael Smith
1/30/02 Circle-H Steak & Catfish Company - Glenrose, January 26
Ready to roll (You'd think it was cold)     
Group Shot     
What to eat, Oh, What to eat!     
Now look folks... It's Lone Star or water... ya hear!     
John Woolley