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12/23/00 2000 Tarrant County Toy Run, December 17
Staging Area    
Looking North on Houston Street    
Sideline Activities    
Fort Worth street scene    
Arlington Convention Center (ACC)    
ACC Parking Lot    
Who brought the deer?    
ACC from a distance    
ACC Parking Lot    
Brian Jones
12/21/00 2000 Tarrant County Toy Run, December 17
J. O. preparing the group    
On the way    
Street Level    
Photographer and Wife    
Downtown Fort Worth    
Sundance Square in front of the mural    
Sundance Square Parking Lot    
J. R. Hoffman
12/14/00 Christmas Party at dove Creek Ranch - December 1
People: 01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  
Dancer: 01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  
Chuck Davis
11/2/00 Halloween ride to The Assessment Center - November 25
LOH and John on a good day
J R Hofmann
LOH Ride to Granbury - September 23
Group with bikes    
Group on lawn    
Picture 4    
Suzan Medley
9/28/00 Billy Bob's in Fort Worth to meet the Harley Posse Riders - September 19
Alvarado Bob    
Dinner at Billy Bob's   
The other Bob   
The Crew   
John Woolley
Four Corners Rally - September 1-3
Another switchback near Ouray   
Damn Gravel Road   
Dan gets his turn on Pearl   
Janice and Dave near Telluride   
Janice, Peter and Deana near Shiprock   
Peter and Deanna returning from 4 Corners monument   
Sue and Dan near Mesa Verde   
It's warm again!   
Dave Bird
9/24/00 Sturgis 2000
Barry and Marcia     
Barry's flat tire (Yes, another one!)     
Tommy and Marcia     
Barry looking a little windblown     
Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson     
Lauran on the balcony     
Black Hills National Forest     
Probably the smallest scooter there     
Reverse Trike? Car? ... Whatever?     
Barry, Marcia and Tommy     
Sturgis Main Street packed with bikes     
Captain Acid     
Stockade Bar and Observation Roof     
Terry and Debbie     
Barry, Marcia, J. O., Jyl, Tommy and Duaine     
The Dorm     
Full Throttle Saloon     
Duaine in motion      
Scenic Overlook 1     
Scenic Overlook 2     
Wall, South Dakota Post Office     
Group Shot     
Group at Mount Rushmore     
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Entrance     
Bikes as far as you can see     
Devils Tower Trading Post     
Lauran at Devils Tower     
Marcia riding past Devils Tower     
Lauran Inman
9/23/00b Texas H-D Open House - September 9
LOH Bake Sale  
Balloon Man  
Che's Family, Baby and Eagle  
Even Elvis made an appearance  
Larry and Jeff
Rick and Jerry  
Tom cutting sandwiches  

Since John's camera took so many pictures of the Models, here is a special section:
The Models...  
...modeling T-shirts  
...with a Sportster  
...with the Band "X-Cut"  
...with the Service Department  
...with Larry  
...with Jeff  
...with John, Carla, and Sid  
...with John  
...with John again  
...with John again, again  
...with John again, again, again  

John Woolley
Texas H-D Open House - September 9
The Band "X-Cut" performing  
Bikes: 05   06   07   11   12   13   30
             Boss Hog 1   Boss Hog 2  
Killer 1  
Killer 2  
Models  (Where's John?)
Ken Smith  
Parking lot 1  
Parking lot 2  
Inside Texas H-D  
Doug Dale
9/23/00a Doc's River Front in Waco - September 9
Rest stop: 01  02  03  
Front view  
View from the dining room  
Doug Dale
Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Fort Worth Stockyards - August 19
On the street before: 01  02  03  
On the street after:   01  02  
J. B. doing funny things with his hands again  
Randall lurking in the shadows  
"Deep Thoughts" by John & Barry  
No known explanation for this one  
Carla, Barry and Lauran  
Group shot 1  
Group shot 2  
Group shot 3  
Group shot 4  
It was Jeff's birthday, so he gets 4 pictures:
Birthday 1  
Birthday 2  
Birthday 3  
Birthday 4  
Lauran Inman,
John Woolley
T-Bone Jones in N. Richland Hills - August 6
T-Bone Jones front view  
What a neat line  
Group shot 1  
Group shot 2  
Wizard paint job  
Bubba's BBQ in Ennis - July 9
Bubba's front view  
Bubba's inside  
Chow line  
Group shot  
Road Captain J.B.  
9/4/00 Catfish O'Harlies in Decatur - September 1
     01  02  03  04  05  
Doug Dale
8/30/00 More ROT Rally pics... The Ride to Austin:
Meeting at the Cracker Barrel...
     01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  
Rainsuits were in use...
     01  02  03  04  
Joining some friends on the way...
     01  02  03    
Combined fuel stop and shower (just like truckers)....
     01  02  03  04  
Food at the end of the trail...
     01  02  03    
Lauren Inman
8/29/00 Bud and wife at Mt. Rushmore during Sturgis 2000 Bud Giles
8/20/00 Ponder Steakhouse Breakfast - August 2
Group arriving 

Harley Night at Texas Motor Speedway - August 10
TMS Entrance 
TMS Tunnel 
Cheri & Bruce 
Janice & Don 

Dave Bird
8/5/00 Texas H-D Customer Appreciation Day - August 5
Welcome at the Door 
The Cooks hard  at work 
Finding shade in the back 
Look'in like Coffee Shop material 
Servi'in up the free grub 
Of course, Bob was there (Free food!)
8/4/00 Mary's on the Brazos Ride
The Bikes
The Folks
7/31/00 The Restaurant in Valley View, Texas - July 29
Look at this picture closely... What do Trucks do? 
Arrival on the town square 
The Restaurant
It ain't too big inside but the food is good

Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant in Dalworthington Gardens - July 30
Arrival at the restaurant 
Our Road Captain J. B., apparently glad he found it! 
A Kazillion Xmas lights in this place 
And a bunch of other stuff. 

7/19/00 Richard Stevens' first Harley.
1949 Panhead ('59 Chevy in the background)
Richard Stevens
7/9/00 Tommy Inman's Ironbutt ride on April 1st. Dallas to Van Horn, Texas.
It was cold
It was wet

2000 Texas State HOG Rally, Houston. April 27-29
Barry says Hi (or Bye?)  
On the road  
Group at the hotel  
Gas stop  
Lauren Inman
6/24/00 New Member Orientation - June 24
Meeting at Texas H-D  
Lead Road Captain J.O.  Dancing?
The pre-ride briefing  
Drag Road Captain J.B. 
Orientation at Pennington Field followed by a short ride. 
Arriving at Kincaid's Hamburgers 
Ordering some good burgers 
Group shot #1 
Group shot #2 
6/13/00 ROT Rally 2000, Austin, TX - June 9-10
Road Kill's briefing
Ready to depart
Sixth Street on Friday night 
Easy Rider
Saturday morning
John W.
Rain dampening everything but spirits
Everything was wet
Someone tell her "Handlebars in front!"
6/7/00 Hill Country Ride - April 7-9
Group in front of the OST
J. O. Miller
6/400 2000 HOG Primary Officer Training
Osage Beach, MO. - May 19-20
Barry, Melissa & Marcia
6/4/00 2000 Texas State HOG Rally
Houston. April 27-29
Rick and Sid - More pictures at the Rally Web Site  
Mancuso Burnout
HOGs eating
More eating
Bitin Heads
Dancing Girls
Carla, Margaret & Rick
Ken & Suzan
Weinie Bite 1
Weinie Bite 2
John Woolley
5/13/00 Experienced Riders Course - May 13th
Group Photo
At 6:30 pm Jerry's still smiling
and Bud's saying "I've had enough fun!"
Instructor Mike Hudson, Mike again
5/7/00 Drags at Texas Raceway in Kennedale - May 7th
70 bikes plus 
Ken and J. O. during the pre-ride 
Track entrance 
Ken, Marcia and Barry 
HOGs in the stands 
Hogs in the stands and a green light 
Pulling to the line 
Andrea and Larry
Rat On 
165+ mph 
The Wolfman
Beardless J. O. 
Rick's new Road King
Headed home 
Picture 14 

Easter Run to the Kid's Assessment Center - April 15th
Parked in front 
Margeaux and Brittany 
Jeff, Barry, Margeaux and Brittany 
Larry, David, Lauren, Janice and the Magician 
Randy and Peggy 
Eddie and Tracey 
Peggy and Marcia with Easter baskets 
Eddie, David, Barry, Marcia and Melissa 
and finally, Is Jeff really the Easter bunny? 

The night before:
Dyeing the eggs 
It's rough work 
Mr. Bunny 

4/10/00 Hill Country Ride - April 7-9
Part of the crew  
Tres Hombres  
Scenic View  
Stonehenge the Texas way  
Road Kill
2/13/00 Annual "Sweetheart Run" - February 13
The Group  
Janice, Dave, Kathy and Brad  
Dave Bird
2/2/00 Blue Mesa Grill - January 23   
Ready to eat
Marcia & Janice,   
JP & Jyl
Dave Bird
1/4/00 New Year's Eve in Ft. Worth 
Sundance Square  
Official Fort Worth Bikers  
Year 2000
Cliff James