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Harley-Davidson Trivia

Test your knowledge of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their history. Read through the questions below and place your cursor arrow / hand on the link to reveal the answers. Just leave the hand pointer on the link for a few seconds and the answer will pop up on your screen.

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1. Harley-Davidson's trademarked 45 degree V-Twin engine was first produced in [what year] and was capable of achieving 60 mph.
2. It's 1971 and you just bought a red, white, and blue Harley-Davidson with a boatail rear fender, and FL chassis, and XL front end. You just bought the first of which model? [answer]
3. What is the name of the first Harley-Davidson minibike? [answer]
4. An advertising headline for the 1971 Super Glide was the origin for what [nickname] ?
5. In 1993, Harley-Davidson bought a minority interest in the Buell Motorcycle Company. Eric Buell created the company to manufacture American sport motorcycles eventually using Harley-Davidson [what engines] ?
6. The famed [?????] logo was used for the first time in 1908. It was trademarked at the U.S. Patent Office in 1910.
7. The Dyna line of motorcycles debuted with the 1991 [model].
8. In 1984, Harley-Davidson unveiled [which engine] on five of its models including the all-new Softail.
9. [Which model] is the modern counterpart to the old full-dress Hydra-Glide touring bike of the late 40s and 50s?
10. What 1993 H-D motorcycle is noted for its black-and-white paint shceme and its cowhide accessories? [answer]
11. What was the famous paint scheme on the 1971 FX called? [answer]
12. Model designations that include the letter P, such as FXRP, FLHTPI, and FXDP, designate police models. The first Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold for police duty were delivered to which police department in 1908? [answer]
13. What year was the FLSTS Heritage Springer introduced? [answer]
14. What year was the Heritage Softail introduced? [answer]
15. Harley-Davidson's Fat Boy motorcycle was named after the first two atomic bombs used in combat, Fat Man and Little Boy. [True or False]
16. Who began racing for Harley-Davidson in 1925 and went on to become one of the most successfule racers of all time? He broke the land speed record on a motorcycle in 1937. [answer]
17. Who quit his job in 1907 as a tool foreman for the Milwaukee Road Railroad and joined the Harley-Davidson Motor Company with his brothers Arthur and Walter? [answer]
18. Harley-Davidson Motor Company was incorporated on [date]. In the same year, staff size doubled to 18 employees.
19. In 1920, the association with the term HOG started because the Harley-Davidson racing team carried their mascot, a pig, on a victory lap after each won race. Who broke 23 speed records on a Harley 61 cubic-inch racing motorcycle in 1920? [answer]
20. What year did the first H-D Parts and Accessories catalog appear? [answer]
21. Who bought his first Harley in 1956 and posed for the cover of the 1956 May issue of The Enthusiast sitting on a 1956 model KH? [answer]


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