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Chapter Events


• Sunday 12/15: Cardona's Cafe, Ft Worth, Meet at 8:45 am, Breakfast

Sunday 12/15: LOH Gift Wrapping, THD Check Out Area
Saturday 12/21: LOH Gift Wrapping, THD Check Out Area
• Sunday 12/22: Billy's Oak Acres BBQ, Ft Worth, Meet at 8:40 am, Brunch
Sunday 12/22: LOH Gift Wrapping, THD Check Out Area
• Wednesday 1/1: 1St Ride of 2020! Boo Rays, Boat Club Road, Ft Worth, Meet at 10:00 am, Lunch
Saturday 1/4: New Member Orientation, TXHD Founders Room, 8:30 am
Saturday 1/4: LOH Meeting, TXHD Founders Room, 9:00 am

Text "dfwhog" to 59925 to receive text messages about Chapter rides and events.

All activities and events are for active DFW H.O.G. Chapter members and their guests ONLY, unless otherwise stated.


The QT is one block North and one block East of Texas Harley Davidson (NW Corner of Central Drive and L. Don Dodson Drive).

Unless otherwise stated on the calendar. This provides a chance for a drink and restroom break before the ride.

Chapter Information

Chapter Director, Danny Johnston

Danny JohnstonnOur Chapter allows people who share a passion for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to come together. When joining a local chapter, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, have fun, support worthy causes, and ride! Feel free to call or email me with ride suggestions or ideas for the chapter. Remember, our mission is to ride and have fun. My email address and telephone number are published in the chapter's newsletter.

The chapter has lots of activities planned for the months ahead. Please check the calendar and your newsletter for the schedule and other information concerning the Chapter's activities. I believe 2019 will be a great year for our chapter.

Ride Safe,

Chapter Organization


DFW HOG is a licensed chartered chapter of the national Harley Owners Group and is sponsored by Texas Harley Davidson.

Read the Charter

1839 Airport Freeway
Bedford, Texas 76021
Chapter #4961


To engage in and promote responsible motorcycling activities for Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other H.O.G. events and other charitable activities. Chapter activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family oriented non-political philosophy.

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Chapter membership is open to any person that provides proof of his or her current national H.O.G. membership. An expired National H.O.G. membership automatically terminates the Bedford Chapter membership and any associated memberships. This means that you must show your current national HOG membership card to join or renew.

To join or renew, see the HOG representative at Texas Harley Davidson or the Membership Officer. Thanks to our sponsor, Adam Smith's Texas Harley-Davidson, annual dues are FREE. For more information on joining or renewing, see How to Join or Renew your membership.

Contact the Chapter Secretary for membership information, change of address, etc. (Telephone on the back of the Newsletter).

Notice: The Officers of the DFW HOG Chapter hereby advise that any and all rides, runs, events and activities sponsored by this Chapter are solely intended for the benefit and participation of our current members and guests (limit one guest per member). Members are responsible for insuring that their guest has a properly executed release form on file with the Chapter. Nothing in this web site should be construed to mean that non-current, former members and/or members of the general public are invited to participate in these activities and/or ride motorcycles with this Chapter unless it is specifically so stated. No Chapter member may operate a motorcycle at a Chapter event or activity unless that member is legally licensed to do so and that motorcycle is properly licensed, inspected and insured. Members participate in any and all published activities and meetings at their own risk. The DFW HOG Chapter, its Officers and Sponsor assume no liability or responsibility for any persons, Chapter member or otherwise, at any ride or function.


The chapter is a perpetual, Not For Profit State of Texas Corporation. The name of the corporation is Bedford Chapter, Incorporated. The effective date of incorporation is February 27, 1997. The accounting period is the calendar year using the cash accounting method. The chapter is not tax exempt at either the state or federal level.

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Danny Johnston

The Director upholds the Chapter Charter and the chapter by-laws, conducts chapter meetings and coordinates chapter officer responsibilities.


Danny Johnston

Assistant Director:
Brandon Kramer

The Assistant Director assists the Director and Texas H-D with upholding the "Annual Charter for HOG Chapters". He also promotes HOG and our chapter to potential members and acts as liason to the State Rally Committee.


Brandon Kramer

Lori Robbins

The Secretary is responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter including:

  • Keeping the minutes of the general chapter meetings and the annual business meeting.
  • Ensuring that all chapter members are current H.O.G. members.
  • Keeping on file a Release Form of each member signed on an annual basis.
  • Keeping on file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form.
  • Submitting to H.O.G. the H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and all other reports required by H.O.G.
  • Ensuring that all insurance requirements are met (including participant signatures to required release forms).
  • Ensuring proper completion and filing of injury reports.   


Lori Robbins

Jim Lieber

The Treasurer is responsible for the chapter's finances including:

  • Collection and disbursement of chapter funds.
  • Reporting the financial transactions to the membership on a monthly basis.
  • Submitting an annual financial report to H.O.G.
  • Compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.


Jim Lieber

Membership Officer:
Robin Schultz

The Membership Officer is responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter related to member enrollment and renewal:

  • Ensures that all chapter members have a current national HOG membership.
  • Enrolls new members into the chapter.
  • Renews memberships.
  • Works with the chapter secretary to maintain accurate membership records.
  • Ensures that each member has a signed "Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release" on file with the Chapter.
  • Completes the quarterly membership change report and submits to national H.O.G.


Robin Schultz

Activity Officers:
Brent Sanders
Kristi Sanders

The Activities officers are responsible for the scheduling, coordination and administration of chapter events including:

  • Working with TEXAS HD management on facilities usage.
  • Management of Chapter event budgets.
  • Coordination of events with Road Captians, LOH and volunteers.
  • Event membership notifications.


Brent Sanders

Kristi Sanders

Nelson Martinez

The Editor is responsible for assembling and organizing written, oral and electronic material for chapter publications, e.g., newsletters, press releases and that all chapter publications are approved by the sponsoring dealer prior to publication.


Nelson Martinez


LOH Director:
Delische Ferguson

The LOH Director is responsible for encouraging women members to take an active part in chapter activities and for planning and conducting LOH sponsored chapter events.

Delische Ferguson

Carla Woolley

The Historian is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a written account of the chapter's history, including officer positions, chapter activities and membership levels.


Carla Woolley


Ron Schorr

The Photographer is responsible for obtaining and organizing chapter photographs for use in the chapter's publications and history albums.



Safety Officer:
Brian Cook

The Safety Officer is responsible for providing chapter members with general safety information and information relating to the availability of rider training.


Brian Cook


Pride Patch Officer:
Trina Bucher

The Pride Patch Officer is responsible for maintaining all Pride Patch records and awards.


Trina Bucher


Charity Coordinator:
Cindy Crisler

The Charity Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the chapter's Charity efforts.


Cindy Crisler

Steve Barrett

The Chaplain is responsible for the chapter's faith-based activities.


Steve Barrett

Jerry Presley

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the chapter's web site.


Jerry Presley

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Road Captains

The Road Captains are responsible for conducting the chapter's rides including planning the routes, providing pre-ride information and leading the chapter rides.

John Woolley
Head Road Captain

Chad Bucher

Brian Cook

John Crisler

Mark Davidson

Ben Ferguson

Danny Johnston

Joe Lovett

Steve Martin

Dennis Pittillo

Jim Roberts

Brent Sanders

Kristi Sanders

Ron Schorr

Dave Wint

Maurice Woehrle